This Cookie Statement sets out which cookies we apply on this Website and for which purpose.

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Why do we use cookies?

  • To ensure good performance of the website and offer you an optimal user experience.
  • To have an insight into the visitor numbers of our website and the pages they view.
  • To enable integration of social media on the Website.
  • To generate personalised ads.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small simple text file forwarded with the pages of this Website and stored on your computer’s hard disk by your browser. The information it stores can be sent back to our servers during the next visit.

Using permanent cookies
Using a permanent cookie enables us to recognise you if you visit our website again. This allows the Website to store your specific preferences. Also, if you permitted us to place cookies, we can store that preference in a cookie. This means you do not need to repeat your preferences before each visit. It saves time and gives you a smoother use of our Website. You can remove permanent cookies via your browser settings.

Using session cookies
A session cookie enables us to see which sections of our Website you viewed during your visit. This allows us to adjust our services to our visitors’ browsing behaviour. These cookies are automatically removed when closing your browser.

Tracking cookies of our advertisers
If you give permission, our advertisers will place ‘tracking cookies’ on your device. These cookies are used to monitor which pages you visit in their network to develop a profile of your online surf behaviour. This profile is developed based on similar information that they receive from your visits to other websites in their network. This profile is not linked to your name, address, email address etc. as entered in our system. Instead, it serves only to adjust advertisements to your profile to ensure optimal relevance.

Google Analytics
Via our website, a cookie of the company Google is placed as part of the Analytics service. We use Google Analytics to monitor this service and receive reports on how visitors use the Website. Google may share such data with third parties only if Google has a legal obligation to disclose the data, or insofar such data are processed by third parties for Google. We cannot affect this use. We have not given Google permission to use the analytics data obtained for any other Google services.

The information collected by Google is anonymised as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not disclosed. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on US servers. Google states its compliance with the Safe Harbor principles and participates in the US Trade Ministry’s Safe Harbor programme. This means that processing any private data is subject to an appropriate protection level.

Right to viewing, correction and removal of your data
You are entitled to request viewing, correction or removal of your data. You may forward your request based on the contact form below. In order to prevent abuse, we may request adequate identification. Concerning viewing private data in a cookie, please forward a copy of the relevant cookie. You can find the cookies in your browser settings.

Activating and deactivating cookies and their removal
Please find more information regarding activating and deactivating cookies and their removal in the instructions and/or using your browser’s Help function.

More information about cookies?

Please find more information about cookies on the following websites:
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Consumentenbond: “Removing cookies

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